Why we all are afraid of ‘LOVING’

heart q
Love…the feeling that is the most talked about, read about,pictured about,wondered about, explained and expressed about feeling around the world…But then what is there about love that is so intriguing that the world goes nuts talking about it but still till date no one has been able to crack it…i mean m sure we all have various definitions of love created over a period of time with experience and observations…but no one can define it for all of us…like ‘hate’,jealousy’,’pity’…they mean the same to everyone…but ‘love’ is different to different beings…amazing isn’t it!!!

When love is so important to each one of us why is it that we all are afraid of loving…most of us keep on talking about finding the true love, unconditional love etc etc…but when it comes to love we also hold ourselves back…its not that we are not capable of loving …of course we all are so full of love, infinite love is rushing all the time in our hearts waiting for someone to share it with…but we always keep a tab of how much to love and who to love and when to love…couples keep a tab of this with one another…whenever a partner in a marriage does something huge out of love (huge can be defined differently to different people…for some taking care of laundry when its not his/her turn, for some it can be taking care of bills in the absence of another or taking care of in laws,money,giving emotional support…or any thing) deep down in his/her heart he makes a note of it and then consciously or sub consciously expects from the partner to repay it when ever required…

Similarly in all our relationships…even parents,its a common dialogue in any household,parents yelling at their children ‘we have done so much for u’…Why make such a big deal out of it…you did that thing at that point of time out of love and care…you did that thing for that person (be it ur parents, wife,husband,kids,friends,colleague…anyone) because u were drived with the emotion of love at that very point…and you did it because at that time this action gave u immense happiness…that is why u did it…when we do such actions propelled by love automatically our mind makes a note of it and then demands a pay off for this sooner or later…

M sure its easier said then done…but imagine a world where loving someone and then doing things for that some one out of love becomes away of life and not an act to be entered in the balance sheet of relationships where we carry such actions forward with interest in hope of greater returns…
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