Question Yourself !!!

So m back after a long gap…Reason – Ah! well, i was back at work after a long vacation…Well, just to give u a little background of this…the year 2012 was a year that flew past by me in a blink…m not saying in a good or bad way but before i could realise…it was over….so i wondered where did it go…what was i doing the whole YEAR..and the answer was -WORKING!!! Yeah that’s true…the entire year i worked for around 16 hours a day at an average that too without any offs except a few here and there…So m i complaining…Nooooo….well to tell u i am an ambitious girl and i love my job…yeah i do 🙂 So, if u know a little bit about indian working style then u would know that we love to slog our asses…and specially the field that i am in (television) its all the more so because its a field full with young,ambitious talents who are ready to slog their asses to walk up the hill of success…and i am one of them!!! In fact, professionally 2012 for a very good year for me…u would be wondering then why m i cribbing….

Well,in this race one day (when my vacations were just started off after a year of slogging) i just questioned myself where am i going…where do i think m heading to…and then there were answers like my next promotion, more money,more respect, bigger shows etc etc…and then i questioned myself once again…what after that…answer came – another promotion, even more money,more respect,grander shows etc…Then it strike me in the greed of all of these i am just running…running like a horse with blinkers on…with all these short term goals where do i want to reach finally its not clear to me also so why m i running like mad at the first place…ignoring everything around me…ignoring LIFE around me…i have been too busy to even take a moment off and see the life around me…to see what all life has to offer..always to busy to find sometime to write although i enjoy writing…too busy to spend quality time with family although i love to…too busy to develop my hobbies though i have so many…too busy to take time off and just stare at infinity though it makes me feel relaxed…So i decided to make sure that i will make 2013 count in my journey of life…i will make memories for lifetime this year…by just saying No to the things i don’t enjoy doing and taking time off for the things and people who really matter to me…i will let me be happy at the moment by doing stuff that makes me happy rather than running after a happiness that i can get only on certain conditions…


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