Joys of small things :)

girl friends jumping on the beachYou know the feeling of being happy…being truly happy…of course it does not last very long and that is the feeling that we all keep on longing for all the time…You do so many things to feel this way, u set ur short term achievable goals and once u achieve them this special feeling comes, you plan your vacations ,you join hobby classes, you call up friends,you watch movies and what not…but you know even in this feeling of happiness there is a very special happiness feeling that comes when you experience this feeling of happiness all of a sudden without planning…just by chance you get caught by this feeling…and it leaves a long lasting smile on your face…even if when u think of it the smile that comes on ur face is broader and lasts longer πŸ™‚

Similar feeling paid me a visit this was a surprise call from an old friend…there was no plan but we just thought to catch up at our old hang out place where we have not visited from long…Going to the same old place was such a rush…and the cherry on the cake was that i got to meet another friend of hers…and to my surprise we clicked so well as soon as we me its all the more difficult to like or get liked by another girl (it can really become messy at times)…So the three wild women had a wild time,walking down memory lane, talking about our crushes, catches,misses, boyfriends,men and life in general…Ah..i must say if u get it right then there is nothing as calming as having a great bonding with your girlfriends πŸ™‚


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