The Feeling of Non Belonging-ness….

office mai n
You are having a hearty laugh with some of your colleagues over lunch…its all happy and nice and you are also smiling and laughing with them but somewhere deep down you are feeling that you do not belong here…with them…have you ever felt this way….You are having a drink with some of your friends, some mundane conversations…you are involved in what they all are saying…you also have some point of views but somewhere deep down you get that feeling that some how you do not belong here…

I do not know whether you have felt this way ever or no but i do encounter such feelings at times…and whenever this feeling surges in…you wonder why..,why do you feel this way…In the beginning you might think that it is not a right thing to feel…coz these are the same people you have spent so much of time with…some of them have stood by you through rough patches of your journey called life…then why….why to feel this way…

May be its a sign to push yourself towards the aim/goal that you really want to achieve…while you are in a group smiling and feeling that you do not belong there…its time that you do something about it…its nature’s way to tell you that your work over there is done and you need to be with some other group may be at some other place..its time to challenge yourself and move on…its time to come out of your shell of comfort and grow…coz you are made to achieve a lot more and it is not easy to come out from your comfort zone…

If you have this feeling of non belonging-ness with a set of old friends…the people you know so well and they know everything about you… then may be its a signal that you have grown and they have chosen not to grow with your pace or in the same direction as you…It does not mean that you are being selfish…no not at all…its just a sign that you need to give priority to your heart and follow it..then it might lead you to a new office,new set of friends with similar interests, new city, new profession…any thing…that is your calling and the people who are not ready to join you are not joining you because it is not their calling not because they do not love you or care about you…

When you follow your heart’s journey there will be some people,friends and loved ones who you will have to leave behind… but it does not mean that you do not love them…its just a break to be together again as more evolved individuals, with more care and respect for each other and with a big bag full of stories… stories of achievements,stories of disappointments,stories of heart breaks, stories of love and stories of sadness and happiness….in that union of emotions there will only be love and respect for each other… for making the right decision at the right time…gratitude for understanding each other and a genuine smile not ready to fade away with a feeling at the back of your head how blessed you are to be able to retain the friendship/s for life…truly blissful šŸ™‚


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