When was the last time you had a conversation with youself!!!

Hi! M back again….after a loong gap.


There are some people who are blessed with the gift of gab…wherever they go, they attract attention like a magnet. Most of our day to day activities involve a lot of give and take of expression and emotions via words…we generally call them conversations/talks…And if you are good at it a good conversation can really help you through a lot many things…a lot of people live by the strength of sweet talk…if you are a smooth talker many things become easier for you …you can put your point more forcefully…people understand you better…you put thi8ngs across clearly and simplify things for every one to understand…

But have you ever had a conversation with yourself….just a plain, simple conversation…it can be about how exactly you are feeling on a particular day…I don’t think any one of us does it often….and i wont be surprised to know that a lot of people would never had done it…and of course no one is asking you to do it in public πŸ˜‰ But there is nothi8g ,more soothing then having a five minute conversation with yourself…suddenly picture starts looking clearer…because somewhere your heart and conscious always has answers to day to day life and confusions….and just by listening to the heart a lot of matters become easy.

Have you noticed how toddlers play on their own…while they are playing they are talking to themselves…happy, very happy in that very moment….its the same happiness that you feel when you talk to yourself…it can be a 3 minute conversation also…in your room before you go to sleep or in your bathroom..anywhere!!! Just do it for couple of days and m sure you will fall in love with yourself because it will introduce you with your real self …coz you will discover so many things about yourself that you have not been able to notice or did not think worthy enough to pay attention to…

Try it…m sure you will love it!!!


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