p2Truth or dare…a game that almost all of us have played at some point of time…some as kids , some as grown ups …i believe that this game becomes more exciting as you grow older 😉

Anyways, there are many games that we all have grown up with..but there is something about this particular game that is very peculiar. It used to be fun when i used to play this game as a child…specially the dare part of it. We all use to challenge each other and make each other do stupid/crazy stuff…asking some one out, screaming in the middle of road, going up to the bully and get his/her attention etc. But i realized as i grow the focus shifted from dare to truth… In parties, everyone loves to play truth and dare once down with couple of drinks…and now people who choose truth get that admirable look from the other members…Here you accept the things you have done and never shared with anyone…things like having two girls at the same time, being in relationship with your best friend’s boyfriend, cheating on your wife,stealing, lying…and so on and on and on…

I am just curious…curious to understand that what it is that when i was a child we all used to love taking up the challenges, and truth as such had no such fascination in our eyes…but as we grow old, how it is that truth becomes the admiration and even envy at times. Of course as we grow our love and longing to complicate our own lives becomes stronger and slowly and slowly we learn to give in to this longing so much so that it becomes a part of us, a way of our life/lifestyle. In such a scenario a game like truth&dare somehow give each of us a chance to be honest with our own selves. More than to the other people involved in the game or present in the room, its for our own self that we tell the truth rather face the truth for our own self. And its a liberating feeling, you feel so happy, so proud at that moment and may be at times a lil low but ultimately somewhere you feel relieved of letting it out from the closed chambers of ur heart.

p1In this beautiful but challenging journey called life…as we grow old, we tend to do so many things that we do not really want to do but still do it …and mostly we do such things to gain someone’s love, someone’s appreciation, someone’s acceptance,someone’s attention, someone’s loyalty…there can be million reasons but most of them some way or the other are done to gain something from someone else….And in this process of finding that love, that respect, that appreciation and that acceptance we cross the boundary of fairness, boundary of truth , boundary of being human….and as time passes by it just becomes a way of life..

In this game that life plays with us…we dare life with so many of our actions at times small at times big, at times by chance at times with full awareness…that when life plays the tune of truth it becomes too difficult for most of us to dance along.


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