I have the Pooower….and its called MUSIC :):):)

love-and-music1Remember the lines of once popular (in my era…oh i feel so old with such references) cartoon show…I have the power….oh! i so loved that show and specially this line..This thought has always lured me…having the Power…power of doing wharever you want,the way you want…the mere thought gives me goosebumps even today.

As a child i always used to think the day ill grow up,it all will become smooth and fine as i’ll have the power in my own hands…but alas! as it turned out to be…i was the most powerful as a child. My sweet smile would win me chocolates,my enthusiastic cry will get me the game,my little bit of crying will get me that out of reach dress…oh the lovely days…only if they could come back ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Well,so i grew old,like most of us, i also realized that i am being brought up for a modern slavery…i cant eat what i like, Oh god how many calories will i consume in one scoop…i cant look the way i like…70 kg…are you nuts..no one is gonna ask you out for a date. Not to mention i cant wear what i like (specially if you happen to be in india) ,i have to dress up keeping in mind my surroundings. So these were the basics…and of course,i am sure by now you know if i cant even eat,dress or look the way i want to…its just obvious that i cant ย have a profession that i like, i cant go to half a dozen places that i wanna go to (either i have no money,or i need to put that money somewhere where it is more fruitful/useful/urgent etc)….So basically, when i was on this verge of loosing it all when this feeling of me being a slave to this modern day life synced in….there came a blob of light…right at the end of the dead tunnel ๐Ÿ˜‰

i discovered music…of course it does not mean that music did not exist till that moment, yes it did,it was every where and i always loved music…but you know that fraction of a second that changes something within you…in that ย moment i discovered the essence of good music….Music liberates you,it makes you travel the world, it makes you feel the wind, it makes you whirl with the nature,it makes you happy,it makes you sad,it makes you run,it makes you stare,it makes you jump,it make you fall…in short…MUSic makes YOU…Me….images

If you allow music to take you over,trust me it will take you over! Do not just listen to to the chart bursting numbers (does not mean they are not good enough)..Just do not limit your sense and capability of enjoying various kind of music,merging into eclectic mix of music and bursting out with vibrating music ย palette…trust me its all worth it…every mili second of it!!!

So put on those ear phones,grab a bottle of water,sneak in to y our most comfortable slip ons and go tale a walk in the wilds with….to accompany you on this adventurous journey below are a few links of some interesting,ethereal music that i have recently found…m sure there are many many more marvelous pieces lying on net…just a click away from you…enjoy the joy ride ๐Ÿ™‚0


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