A Visit to Mountains…


Another long gap….but trust me this time round this long break has really been good to me…So, after this lovely break I realized that I have a thought that I have to share with everyone…(whoever is ready to lend an ear 😉 )

I like reading and watching Period dramas and mythology. Since my childhood, i have read many books of the same genre and i used to wonder that how come everyone who wants to attain Nirvana/God, goes to mountains and looses himself there for years and when that person is back somehow he/she is a wiser, more evolved soul. In my childhood it used to be a strong question in my head whenever i was reading any such thing….later, i bumped into life and reading and then thinking about what I read became a part of my cherished childhood memories.

So as I was mentioning earlier, during this break of mine I got an opportunity to visit Leh – Ladhakh , a desert mountain situated in Jammu&Kashmir, India. Now don’t be surprised…and though I am feeling silly but yeah, it was my first trip to a mountain in my 29 years of life on this planet….Anyways coming back to the point that I am trying to make here…this trip to mountains actually took me back to that question of mine in my childhood…and somehow I am feeling that I have finally got an answer to that question!

When you go on a mountain the first thing that strike you is its stupendous scale…everywhere you look, it’s a different sight, different texture, magnanimous structures…all of this make you feel so timid, so small as if for the first time nature thought to put on display its various shades, faces and patterns and for the first time you actually believe that nature IS more powerful than human race…..and this thought leaves you speechless and humbled!

Couple of days in the lap of those majestic masterpieces and they throw another secret on you…The secret of flowing with the flow of nature and receiving and reflecting all that she has to offer…In the mountains, it’s difficult to guess if it’s the colour of the sky that  is falling on the lake or its is the varied hues of  the lake reflecting in the sky… It’s the texture on the stones that one feels when the wind blows or it is these strong blows of wind that has left these t beautiful textures on the stones…It’s the smoothness of the stones that lends flawless flow to the streams or it is  the flawless flow of the stream that has smooth-en the stones …It seems they all are a reflection of each other and they all follow each other…who follow who and who is a reflection of who does not matter here, this question has no relevance here in this place where all they do is be one…in all possible ways and forms.

And once you are intoxicated enough with this lavish splendor and vivacity of mother nature you tend to notice its inhabitants…yeah some of us humans do find a home under the wings of nature here…And trust me it is shocking to see how human bodies also look a part of this huge orchestra following the same patterns and behaviors to the T.  Some faces smooth like crystal water streams, some textured with the same detailing and intricacies as a hill stone…Eyes deep and still  and heavy with the awareness of being  one with the mother nature…



The most fascinating thing for me was how the people over here were so happy…smiling all the time, caring and giving…And I guess it struck me then, that they are the inhabitants of mountains… and they all have cracked the secret that still evade most of  us the city dwellers…I guess just one visit to mountains is not enough to understand its secrets…but I feel there is one tiny secret that I could feel and understand in this one visit…and that secret takes me back to my childhood question…how come people who go to mountains and stay there for years come down as wiser men…

With my small experience I guess it’s the simplicity that makes them wiser…Mother nature instills in them that the true way of living a life is to live it in tandem with her, flow with her, trail with her, smile with her, laugh with her and she will ensure that you are having a gala time in her court…But alas, we are humans and we have become used to running our individual courts with our individual likes and dislikes,individual whims and fancies… after all we all want to rule…but we forget that today we have reached to a point where there is no one left to be ruled, as we all are busy ruling…who??? None of us know…and those few of us who know the secret of Nature are standing and a distance fully ravishing in the love and hospitality of mother nature and waiting for others to one day be a part of this ever going fiesta…



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