Life’s Show-reel!!!

I know i have been missing from the action…but this time round i was busy making my life’s show reel…so no complains:)


I am sure we all have made presentations/show reels in our academic or professional lives. Oh! so stressful it is to impress someone or sell your idea to someone…But have you noticed if you really believe in what you are selling or in the idea that you want to get approved,then it does not remain stressful any longer…Then you are driven by your passion for it and no matter how difficult it seems, you still keep on going for it…and that feeling of chasing,never saying no,putting the whole of you in that is sooo sooo amazing and m sure most of us have felt it at some point of time in our lives.

But tell me ,have you ever wondered why is it so special for us to make a good project/presentation..Of course so that we can reap the benefit from it of getting that order/promotion/recognition etc etc…Lets just think of it if you get to make a presentation/show-reel of something that we really enjoy/love wouldn’t it be fun and the benefit…well…it will give us happiness. So how about making a show-reel for our own selves…a show reel exclusively for your own self…You are the one who must get impressed,you are the approving authority on this one!!!


In other words a show- reel for our individual lives. You would be wondering whats the point in making something that is sounding so dramatic…I say why not, as this would be the video running in front of your eyes while you will be taking those last breathes on mother earth…as this would be the video you could keep on going back to in every weak moment of self doubt/self worthlessness and trust you me…there will be plenty of such moments waiting to grab you by the neck in this long road ahead of us till we reach the bed from where we take another leap into another world yet unknown to us!!!

Imagine a way of living where you are thriving on making a beautiful memorable show-reel for yourself. How fascinating each day will become… If you love gardening but get no time for it..imagine if you somehow take those 10 minutes with your plants to add in this show -reel, you might love to sit by the sea side and see the time going pass by you and of course you have not done it since ages how about ensuring to do it to add in your show -reel:)

Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood how even the smallest things suddenly look so different and beautiful. While waiting for the same bus at that same boring bus station you might see a child looking at you with his/her wonder-struck eyes, at the same very boring place you might notice a beautiful flower singing along the breeze, you might see a young girl playing with her pet and then the boring place is no longer boring it has something nice to offer you!!! ย When in your deep thoughts you are trying to make a beautiful show- reel suddenly you will start finding beautiful frames, mesmerizing moments in the same old rut of the day that used to boggle you down so badly earlier.

And if you still are unable to see them…worry not, here is another way to prop up your life’s show-reel. If you are not happy,try and make the person sitting next to you happy..Weird!!! Right??? But try it….trust me…i have done it and it has nothing to do with the other person or his/her reaction to your action…The moment you do something good no matter how small that gesture is…the moment you do it with no expectations in return a calming feeling enrolls you and suddenly you start feeling good about yourself and your surroundings….I am saying it by experience and not just for the sake of writing…So do try it…you will be amused!!!


Here,when we are so busy working hard, trying to have a good life, trying to earn some respect, trying to be loved…why not give a small try to look good to your own self cause ultimately in the end, it would be only you who would be going through the entire show reel of your life all alone on that bed…so why not ensure that the show-reel is full of smiles, full of small, little yet extra ordinary gestures that you have made though the journey, the many hearts you have touched through the journey, the many smiles you have earned through the journey…cause in those last moments you surely are not going to remember how much you earned or how much you spent…all you will remember would be the moments of life and lets take an effort to ensure that majority of ย those moments bring a smile on your face…Isn’t it ย like investing your money…you secure your future by investing today so isn’t it ย a good idea to secure your last journey by investing in beautiful moments today!!!

Think about it. I am looking forward to you response and feedback ย ๐Ÿ™‚



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