Handle with care


The moment i picked up my pen thinking to write something on ‘handle with care’ the first thought that popped up was HEART,its my heart…that i have always handled with utmost care,that i was always told and taught to handle with care,that i had mastered very early in my life to handle with care. But then i chose to wrote about another part of my body that i am learning to handle with care, that someone very recently told me, needs handling.


Have you ever wondered why its always the heart that needs to be handled with care… as if everyone is always eyeing your heart to smash or steal… and have you ever wondered why  do we never handle our thoughts carefully when they can always smash and steal the peace of our mind…in fact they do…all the time!!!  this manipulative battle between heart and mind is ageless,so many great people have defined it,elaborated it,entangled it further or just mentioned it.

May be very late in life but i have realized that it is very important to handle my mind carefully. Mind has this habit of playing this chick,attractive crooked boss who just know how to get his/her work done. Like a smart boss,the mind also knows our weak spots so clearly and then very tactfully get the things done that the mind believes or is conditioned to believe are best and highest for us…so you see mind does not leave any space for any other way or counter,it will keep on hammering the weak spot till the time i agree with my mind’s suggestion. And of course the biggest competition for the mind is my heart,and very cleverly the mind has publicized  the thought of never paying much attention to one’s heart since the heart does not know the ways of the world…. The heart might not know the ways of the world but it knows how to pave its own way in this populated world!!!


When we handle our heart carefully we end up becoming like millions of others who are constantly handing their hearts with care but when we start handling our mind carefully,heart gets an opportunity to create its own destiny to live its own dream and  to walk on the path that gives each one of us a sense of being complete, a sense of being whole, a sense of being one’s own self….a clear, distinct identity that has no pressure of being like everyone else, a personality that is so full of love because its loving what it is doing or to put it straight, by handling our mind with care and by giving our heart an equal opportunity to express we become a personality that is drenched in love with self and its surroundings because there is no competition, there is no pressure of being like someone else, we are left with a  personality that is just happy and contended living its dream.

So lets handle our mind a bit more carefully when it says not to waste time in exploring your hobbies or not to waste energy in taking your passion to the next level or taking that break that you have not taken from years…if not handled with care the mind has the ability to make routine look the most attractive and most needed thing,give routine a break…take chances to follow the heart, some excitements and adventure will make you taste the fruit of life…in the captivity of mind life just passes by us and we look at it from the glasses of our tried and tested routines…lets handle our mind more carefully and lets participate in life,lets flow with life,lets create life…you never know how much of it is left anyways!!!

love hand


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