When i had a chat with Nature :)


Mother Nature…yes, we call her our mother but i don’t know how many of us have really treated her as a mother…OH wait a minute..in fact most of us treat her exactly how we generally treat our mothers….someone we always expect to give something to us,someone that must always be available for us whenever we want but only when WE WANT else she must not be hindering our day to day life. Someone who is just always around,without getting noticed,someone who is ever giving without any expectations and someone we all have always taken for granted!!!

My love for nature is not very old,i have always been quite disconnected with the nature. But i guess this connection has something to do with the connection that you share with your own self. So, i feel with time as i started to know myself better and started to accept myself and eventually started falling in love with myself suddenly my heart and eyes started noticing the breathless beauty that always surrounds us. And with that knowingness i started to crave to know and see this beauty from as close as possible and what better way to explore our breathtakingly,beautiful, vast mother than TRAVEL!!


And here i am,on a small little island surrounded with bay of bengal – Andaman. The moment i stepped out from port blair airport,lovingly stroking breeze welcomed me 🙂 This small town serves as a base for most of the travelers who want to explore the interiors and lesser seen natural beauty around the bunch of tiny islands in andaman and nicobar.


Havlock is my favorite among all the places i saw in andaman and nicobar. The moment you step into this island,you are totally taken over by a thin layer of stillness that shields the entire island. The vibe is very welcoming and the moment you enter this island,  you let go of who u r and you just imbibe the vibe of this island which is of just being and admiring nature at its best…just the sense of being in that moment. The people of the island are the biggest mirror of the energy that the island possess and reflects on you too…mild,happy faces,polite and carefree spirit, as if everyone is here with a purpose of enjoying themselves, the people and the nature both. The beaches have some stunning colors falling on them through the day as the sun shifts its position. From varied hues of green to many layers of blues with gold and silvery streaks of the sun falling of this vivid water. Wherever you see here, you will get a feeling of observing a  very artistic and tasteful painting with minute detailing.


If you wish to have a close rendezvous  with the nature then you can opt for scuba dive or sea walk or both just like me 🙂 The waters here are abundant with marine life. The entire process of getting in the water and then down in deep sea is an experience of a lifetime in itself. Taking those gentle strokes in the sea along with millions of tiny,colorful fish and touching some of the most exotic corals and sea rocks is a never forgetting experience for anyone. Since it is not possible to describe the experience or feeling in words i thought, let the pictures do the talking:)


Fully energized with vitamin SEA i took to the other magnificence  that these beautiful islands have to offer –  dense and thick layers of rain forest. So, this was my first ever visit to any ‘real’ jungle. These jungles are the habitat of many tribes, the most talked about tribes are Jarawas, sentinelese,onge and nicobarrese. Out of these sentinelese are the ones with least contact from outer world. I was fortunate enough to spot a few Jarawas during our drive to lime stone caves. It was a long drive through the thickest of forest…to describe my experience in words all i would say is ‘u do not talk when in a jungle,you listen to it’. It was one of the most enchanting drives in my life where the only company was the breeze bristling though large trees and their innumerable leaves and branches,the sporadic sounds of various kinds of birds and some of the most colorful butterflies roaming on that thick layer of greens.


The last site that i visited were the limestone caves,honestly when we decided to go there i did not have much expectations but trust me this visit turned out to be the best surprise of the entire stay To touch those million of years old stones,to walk through the narrow passage with stone walls on either sides is one of its kind. I can still feel the musky smell of the place with each stone carrying a saga of time and standing still!

So all of you who wish to steal few moments and venture into the heart of mother nature Andaman and Nicobar must be on your list 🙂 I feel as if i got a warm hug from mother nature by visiting these islands. Do share your experience if you have been there and for those who would be planning this visit i wish them bon vouage 🙂



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