Have a Good night :)

Yesterday was a Monday in a long time that went quite well for me. I guess any Monday gone smooth is an achievement if you work in the corporate sector 😉 The mere thought of Monday morning starts creeping in from Sunday evening taking away some juicy slices of joy away from my lazy Sunday evenings!!!

Most of us can associate ourselves with Monday morning blues. And m sure none of us would like to start the week with that face or mood!!! So from past couple of weeks  i have been trying to  crack a way that can make the beginning of my week a little more colorful a little more enjoyable and a little more joyous!!!

So my little research and some efforts brought me down to a Good Night’s SLEEP!!! M sure many of you would have read about it since it is a topic on which so much has been written about… So i picked up few facts on good sleep and have been practicing them  from past couple of weeks and it has been working beautifully 🙂  I would like to share them with you all who are interested in having a lighter week and a better day-to-day life.

Good Night wallpaper with bird moon sweet stars hd photos www.latestpicsms.com

Night Person Syndrome – To begin with i am a night person, i have always felt most active and most productive during the darkest hours of late night.So for a person like me, the thought of falling asleep early is like taking romance away from my life. Trying to make myself sleep early introduced me to a very different side of the lovely nights. Rather than focusing on the energy my mind starts exploding in the night, i started pushing my focus to my silent heart. I know it sounds weird but plz do try it to believe it by yourself…when your mind gets hyper active just try and curb that pang of energy for five minutes and push the focus on the heart. After a long day, the heart has lots that it wants to share but as we all have become so used to of locking our heart with our mind’s reasoning, the heart has long back stopped to even knock at our door. Plz give your heart a chance and give your brain the much-needed break in the night.

The heart loves to talk to the night, just lie down comfortably with dim lights just witness the conversations unfolding between your shy heart and the emotive and empathetic night!!! The loving strokes of night make the heart-break in silky whispers and you lose yourself in the warmth of that genuine conversation where the heart tells its side of the day’s story. And trust me the moment heart lightens itself in the lap of dark night,the night pulls the warm,smooth blanket of peaceful sleep without the mind even realizing it.

Mobile phone with pad and laptop
Mobile phone with pad and laptop

Oh I love my phone and my i pad and my laptop – Yesss, we all do…don’t we!!! It’s always advised not to use any of these glossy screens before hitting the bed. But the fact is when u hit the bed, the one thing u need most in ur hand is your phone,most of the time to aimlessly surf through it. Have you ever noticed the moments when your hands just go for that phone as if on an auto mode…it happens most of the time when we are not comfortable or are not at ease with the situation or with the person/s around us….Just pause for a moment and observe,we start fiddling with our phones in social areas where we do not know many people for ex – elevators,public transports,stations etc, we start fiddling with the phones when we want to avoid a conversation with anyone for ex – a mother trying to have a conversation with her teenage child, spouse discussing something you want to avoid etc….so if you really look at it half of the time we pretend to be working on phone when mainly we are trying to avoid the situation…..So why is it that the moments before falling asleep we have that urge to fiddle with the phone….does it mean that i am not comfortable with my own self or i am not ready to face myself hence ill pretend busy while killing time on phone waiting for ever alluring sleep to grab me by surprise but alas that hardly happens!!!

Night is a beautiful time to touch base with the REAL YOU, the you who always gets shadowed by what you think you must be, with what your family thinks you must be, the you your college,office,society expects you to be….Give real YOU a chance!!!PUT THAT GLOSSY SCREEN AWAY FROM YOUR BED!!! i know its difficult but it will take you only a week to get used to it. Keep it away from your range and let the heart and the night start their conversation through the course of which you will get to meet and know an amazing person…the real you!!!


Music Helps – Yes it does! Of course not your current favorite number but there are so many beautiful music pieces available easily on net that are soothing to the ears and relaxing to mind, some of them made to help us  fall asleep…try them,they might do wonders.  Here is a link for one of my favorites if you wanna try…  – https://youtu.be/tw-dZJuaklk?list=PLlgsKnJXEjDfmyzXr5QMh_zJhfpU1SWNC

I am not saying its easy…it of course is difficult to change habits but trust me it’s not that difficult too, at least give it a try and if you can do it for 21 days i promise you will never go back to the old pattern. Do it because you must take care of your beautiful body because this is the only machine that will be with you till your last breath…so its only wise and practical to take care of this fabulous machine at least as much as you take care of other machines that you surround yourself with!!!

And as i am living it….a good night’s sleep is indeed a way to ensure a much better, brighter day since it keeps your mood in check and your sprites high to not get affected by the randomness of things,people and situations around us on which we hardly have any control 😉


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