A place between Surreal & Real

I have been a city girl through my life and i have no hesitation in accepting that my awareness and love for Mother nature and animal kingdom has developed quite late in life. Being born to parents who happen to be citizens of a third world country and at the same time to be from the class apart ‘middle class’ had its own beautiful flaws and virtues:) One of the main cons for me has been my disconnect with nature. But i am so thankful that today it is Mother Nature in all its prolific hues and forms that i resonate with the most..like her, i also have so many shades, so many moods and so many things hidden within me.


This year i traveled to North – East India, which is one of the most intrinsically beautiful land that India has. This part of the country is a wide space covered with hauntingly  stunning landscapes. And yes,it is possible only because even today this part is mainly habitat-ed by the local tribes and has not fallen prey to the modern civilization’s ever growing claws. Honestly, i have nothing against the modern way of living, i myself am a product of one and am proud of myself but i very strongly feel that each one of us has to become more aware and sensitive about our surroundings that includes the trees,plants,animals and of course the fellow humans!

North East India is huge and is mainly divided in 7 states. So far i have covered only 2 of them Asaam and Meghalya…the most developed of all 7 and i am waiting to treat myself with the virgin beauty of the other 5 states soon in 2017:)

Kaziranga is a world heritage site located in Assam, mainly known as the biggest habitat for the one horned rhinoceros. This national park  is a  plain with lots of elephant grass and marshland. Four local rivers cross this sanctuary one of them being the mighty Brahamputra. Of course the biggest treat is to see the royal rhino in their natural state. Grazing with their family and sun bathing while falling asleep. When you look at a rhino, you cant stop yourself to be amazed at the creativity of nature. More than the horn it was the intricately carved bums of these mighty creatures that caught my fancy. It seems that God appointed it’s best hands to decorate a rhino 🙂

Apart from rhinoceros, the park also boasts of elephants, tigers and innumerable variety of birds. The park offers jeep safari in morning and evening and elephant safari in the morning. Though i myself also contemplated a lot before heading for an elephant safari but you can be assured that these elephants are well taken care of and they are not used for more than two rounds a day, as per the authorities. Still you go with your own heart and decide the safari you would like to opt for. I did both…

The early morning jungle, riding on an elephants back, while he/she is looking for her breakfast is the most adventurous and vivid memory that will stay with me forever. I have no words to describe the simply awesome beauty of a misty early morning in a  jungle and to see the residents up, close and personal enjoying their breakfast, some in groups, some with family and some just on their own. The quite of a jungle has an enchanting force that gulps you within itself and you just want to get lost in that ”magically real” world forever!!!


Our elephant was a 40 year old teenage girl..Yesss teenage since elephants live for around 120-150 years. Her name was Urmila and she was a brat who liked to tease the young rhinos and play with deer herds and break into happy singing every now and then 🙂

At the end, all i can say is…while anything can be made more beautiful and desiring with the way one describes a place but there are certain places whose simplicity can not be captured in words and the best way to enjoy it, is to let it unfold itself in front of your own eyes and let it run through your veins while you suck it in with your breath and let it leave you spell bound for the rest of your life whenever you think of it!!! I leave you with the yearning for this experience and wish that you make it happen for yourself soon:)


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