A Piece of my Heart :)


p1000528Today has been a beautiful day for many things but special thing that stayed with me was what happened during lunch. While having my lunch with my colleague, a gentleman walked up to us and said that he has been noticing that the two us were wearing very unique prints and we were standing out in this pool of people. He added that since he has an artistic streak, he could not resist his urge to share his thought with us. Needless to add these lines brought wide smiles on our faces and an uplifting feeling wrapped itself around us for the rest of the day. And somehow left us with an urge of bringing smile on our faces.

After finishing lunch i went back to my desk and approached another colleague of mine who always keeps her work station not only clean but very aesthetically decorated. I had always liked to look at her workstation, mostly through stolen or fleeting glances. And since today someone has set the wheel of appreciation in motion already, it came very naturally to me to make that slight effort and let her know how much I like the way she decorates her station. The smile on her face was so satisfying that I started to think why did I not tell her this earlier.

Someone was humble and gracious enough to share the good thought that crossed his mind with us and it put the ball swinging, making me also strong enough or to put it in other words humble enough to share a thought that was there in my mind with the other person,bringing a genuine smile on her face too.

The point to contemplate over here is that, why is it that we all feel very strong and proud when we have to pin point a mistake in another person…we rather talk about it with  a sign of strength and courage ” I gave so and so a Piece Of My Mind” And when it comes to complementing a person most of us feel that the acceptance of liking something in the other person  is a sign of our weakness…and hence many a times we hold on to that moment where we really want to appreciate something or someone.

Your one humble act can set a wheel of good feel/things in motion. Why not try and start giving everyone we meet A Piece Of Our Heart instead of our Mind, trust me it is more courageous of us to accept and acknowledge the good in others than finding faults. This little incident had got me thinking and i am sure that i am going to practice sharing a piece of my loving heart with as many people as possible…You also try it and see if it brightens your day as well:)

love hand


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