A Letter to write…

The art of writing letters is gone and dead in today’s world but there is a special someone i wanted to write a heartfelt letter to…


Whenever I am with you I realize how brave and strong I have been. It’s only you, who know my deepest fears and my strangest desires. No wonder whenever I spend time with you I feel the breeze of fresh air on my face suspended through the shape of smile on my lips.

Though there was a time I used to avoid you since you were always brutally honest to me… but the more I spent time with you more I started falling in love with u.ย I started loving the brilliant light of honesty in yourย eyes… whenever you spread open those dull grey shades kept hidden under the many forbidden ย layers … I just could not resist admiring u.

I wonder when was it that i lost my touch with you and why on earth did i let that happen…Anyways, i am glad that i could find you again, as young as ever, as robust, as honest…and yess i like the new art that yo have cultivated…of seeing the fun side of every situation and you are right (as always) things, that otherwise look grim, start to look a little better and passing through challenging times becomes smoother with colorful glass of laughter and joy on the eyes of one’s heart.

So today I thought to just express my feelings to you… To let you know how great-full i am to get you back in my life and with a promise of not letting you loose again in the mundane myriads of today’s artificial world..Thank you for bearing with me, thank you for teaching me how to smile through the pain, thank you for making me learn from each fall, thank you for always propelling me for the best, thank u for just being my best friend.

With much Love and appreciation
My beautiful heart ๐Ÿ™‚